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Looking for Spinelicker. [Resolved]

EDIT: I received the badge in November 2010.

Hi all! Not a warning, just curious if anybody knows if Spinelicker is around? I commissioned her for a traditional badge at last year's Anthrocon, and I know she finished it because she posted it to FA. It was great! Unfortunately, she appears to have disappeared off of FA and I haven't been able to get in contact with her by commenting on her page or sending notes.

I really, really want that badge-- it came out great. I hate to pester her, but I haven't sent any notes in a while and I'm not about to post randomly on her personal LJ about it unless I absolutely have to. It's simply that I know she's been around at cons and the like, so I know she hasn't totally dropped off the face of the earth.

I'd be thrilled if somebody could put me in contact with her or something! It's only a matter of shipping it out, after all. Thanks.
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