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Commissioner Beware

I finally got the time to post the dialogue between myself and an artist ( I tried to commission once. Even though it has been about a year since this happened, it hasn't damped my feelings on the issue.

What happened is that I didn't get the picture I commissioned him for after a year and two months waiting for it. Check under the cut for the large picture of our correspondence, and further explanation.

I took screen-shots of the emails between me and him when I realized that he was going to fight me about the money. Click the link then click the thumbnail and zoom on the picture for a bigger version that contains the story of the debacle. Beware, it is a lot of text, so I don't blame anyone who doesn't want to read it all. I have small summaries posted the right the right side of the actual emails.

Now I am *always* prepared to take my share of the blame, and if you see where I screwed up, please tell me! I asked for a lot, I know I did, but that's why I told him to tell me I did if he couldn't meet my requests. But I don't think I requested so much as to deserve that kind of response from him.

My main reason for posting, other than venting, is to warn people about commissioning this gentleman. He may complete 99% of his commissions without a hitch, but I was the 1% that he didn't, and his response has left me baffled.
*Fixed name in the link.
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