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About to give up on this one.

I commissioned airuko back in November of last year for a simple colored piece.

Didn't hear anything for months, but she had a large workload. i contacted her again, thinking maybe paypal hadn't sent payment- it's been mean to me like that sometimes. So I ask if she got payment. She says :

I have indeed recieved the payment! Sorry it's taking awhile, been rather busy lately. If I don't get it done by the end of this month, feel free to deathgrip me off a cliff. XD

I'm a patient person- as long as I'm kept in the loop, I don't care how long it takes (to a point).

Well...i got a WIP that was a sketch, and it looked great.

April rolls around...still nothing from her. So I email her:

Just poking you to see how you were coming along with my commission =)

her reply?

Date: Thursday, April 9, 2009, 10:10 PM

lol if you were getting irritated at how long it's taking, you could just say so :P
as much as i'd love to suddenly poop out a masterpiece, sometimes it takes time for me to get in the mood. i could technically just draw you something in a few hours, but it wouldn't look good. i like to pride myself in doing a good job on commissions.

also, a few months ago i switched to linux and therefore could not use SAI and thus couldn't finish your commission. i've just switched back to windows but i no longer have the WIP file so i would have to start over.

either you can wait it out a bit longer, or i can give you back your money.

Now the excuses and passive aggressive snark irritated me(no need to get snippy, and it really wouldn't have bothered me if you sent me a heads up letting me know you'd switched OS'es and lost the WIP file= tech shit happens, y'know?), but I bit my tongue. I reply:

Wasn't really irritated at how long it was was taking, just kinda O_o at the fact that i hadn't heard back from you. I don't mind waiting a long time for pieces; I just like hearing back from the artist on what's going on =)

She simply sends me another WIP that's 1/3 done, and she says she'll have it done. Haven't heard from her since.

I'm just irritated at the fact that this is takin so long, with little to no communication from her save for when i prod her. She is very active on LJ, but ever since I prodded her about my commission, her art flow on her DA page stopped.

I'd ask again how my commission was coming, but at this point, I really don't want my head bit off again. Should I ask her to finish it, or ask for my money back? I know other people who are a bit more deserving of my money.

Edit:Situation resolved. On some advice I sent her an email telling her I was uncomfortable with the commission thus far, and she sheepishly admitted that she has been too sucked into wow and told me that she'd been working on it from time to time, but didn't email me about her progress. She told me that she should have a finished piece for me by the end of the day, and she apologized profusely for making me wait so long and for getting snippy.
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