Now the hungry lion roars (beetlecat) wrote in artists_beware,
Now the hungry lion roars

Not a 'beware' but a query.

A customer emailed to ask where their stuff is and I checked the tracking number. It was reported as 'delivered and received' over 2 weeks ago. But the customer has NOT received the box nor any 'we tried to deliver' message.

The item in question is a physical piece of 3D art. I cannot just 'print off' another copy to send. I would have to totally remake it. Which of course takes time and materials out of my pocket. Yet right now I have the money from the lost item plus photos in my gallery, and the customer has nothing. That doesn't seem terribly fair either :/

Gong on the assumption the customer is NOT lying (because I do not believe they are), what do we do now? Are there steps towards finding this box that we can take? If not, what is a reasonable compromise?

Edit: No, I did not ask for signature conformation. Though after this I will certainly be adding it as an option/requiring it in the future.
Tags: advice for artists
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