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Beware of artists that don't care

To keep things short, this is a message to all of you that plan to commission or are waiting for your commission from the well known Soty. I don't know what experiences he's offered to others in the past, but I feel the need to share mine since the community has a right to know who's worth their salt and who isn't.

Back on March 1st of 2008, I got in contact with Soty to do a 6 page full color commission with simple backgrounds, $20 pages each and totaling $120. He quoted me a general time frame of one to two weeks to have said commission done. Unfortunately, this was not the case. As soon as all 6 sketches for the commission was completed roughly a month later ( http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1804931/ - Warning: Weird beastie content ) the ball was completely dropped. Soty never picked up the commission at where it was left off, though he would always invite me and his friends to watch him draw in OC, some of which were uploaded, most of which weren't. Every time I would confront Soty on this, which was on more than one occasion, he would merely apologize, state he would knuckle down, then turn around and either OC with some more of his friends or spend hours if not days playing games on Steam such as Team Fortress 2.

Just recently, as some of you might know, Soty busted out on UStream and literally spent hours upon hours starting and finishing a highly detailed picture when all that time could have very well been spent finishing what needs to be finished.

So here we are, May 28th of 2009 with $120 spent on incomplete sketches and nothing done other than meaningless OCs, UStreams, and hours wasted on video games.

Soty, if you do happen to read this, I want you to understand that this post is nothing personal ( though I know you'll take it as such ). I will be posting a followup on the issue once it's resolved so both my fans and your fans know the outcome. I only hope that the outcome is worthwhile.

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