He who shouldn't be named (the_draug) wrote in artists_beware,
He who shouldn't be named

Not all roo's are good roo's.

Ok, I'm not a person who like to hang out people in the public, but this looks like a serious place and after several years of patience I feel it's about time to do it.

The person I'm talking about is Kangarooboy (Kangaroo-boy at FurAffinity). I'm sure many of you have heard about him. He's a very talented artist and used to be one of my favorite ones. He also have his own website: http://www.kangarooboy.com/
We used to chatter now and then, and he seemed like a nice guy. He said he planned to get rid of a bunch of his sketchbooks and that I could buy them all if I wanted to for $400. (It would be easier to sell them to one person because of the shipping and such.)

I managed to dig up $400 (+ $10 extra for some american candy he could ship together with the sketchbooks). And that was that. First he had to gather all the sketchbooks, and that would take some time. Then they were in his sister's garage or something. Then they were in an unmarked cardboard box somewhere. He told me he felt bad because he hadn't shipped them, but I told him I could wait a little bit more because I trusted him.

The date I paid him the $410 was November 7th 2005, almost 4 years ago. For almost 4 years he's been promising to send me them, but I have received nothing. (I also donated $125 to him in August 2005 to be nice, I guess good deeds don't go unpunished.) Well, maybe I was naive and stupid. But I really trusted him, and he was awesome to talk with.

In the end I messaged him over at FurAffinity. I saw in the outbox that he had read all the messages I had sent him, but I didn't get any replies back. And I never used harsh words or immature behavior, because you won't get long with that. I also left a shout on his userpage, but that was quickly removed.

I look at myself as a guy with much patience, but there are limits. Now I'm only pissed off. Are there someone here who can help me in some way? Or come with some tips on how to deal with it? If it only was $10 then I wouldn't care much, but over $400 is like a slap in the face.
Tags: artist-kangarooboy, beware
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