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Bad experience with an artist

Let me start out by saying that my story will be very tl;dr.  So for those who don't want to sit through my rambling of how upset I am with this artist, let me simply state that you should not do business with this girl named "Daro", she will not send you stuff that you pay her to make for you.

On the Friday of MFF 2008 I commissioned Daro to make me a conbadge of my character, which ran me $20 if I remember correctly.  My character's name is "Luke," but I had not told her that, so on the badge she put the name on my MFF badge which was "InfinityFire."  I got the badge on Saturday, and was extremely happy with the art of my character that she had made for me.  So what's the problem, you may be asking?

Well, I didn't realize it until after I had left Artist's Alley that she had spelled my name wrong.  She had left out the third "i" in InfinityFire, thus the name on the badge read, "InfintyFire."  I went back to the Alley Saturday afternoon to try and find her to show her the mistake, but she had already left and somebody else had taken her table.  So, skip to Sunday and I find her in the Alley.  I show her the mistake, and she apologised up and down, saying that she "was very tired last night" and told me she would fix the badge.  She told me she could rewrite the name, cut out the laminated art, and relaminate the right name on top of the picture and ship me the badge.  All I had to do was e-mail her my shipping address.

So MFF comes to an end, and I get back home, ready to send her my shipping address to get my badge with the awesome character art on it.  This is when I encounter my next problem.  Daro only wrote down her e-mail address on the back of the badge.  Which she still has.  She can't contact me because she never asked for my e-mail address.  I frantically search for her online, on Fur Affinity, doing Google searches for her name, but I get no leads.

I reach out to the Midwest Furries community at (a website at which I am on staff as a Moderator), and ask the furs in the chatroom there if they could help me find Daro.  Thankfully, someone finds an individual called jerritfox here on livejournal in which he mentions Daro in one of his journal entries.  I message jerritfox asking if he knows Daro and if so, if I could have her e-mail address.  He respoded saying that he does know Daro and he gives me her e-mail address.

Great!  I can now contact Daro!  I send her an e-mail with my shipping address, saying she can ship the badge at her convenience, because I want to be polite to her.  I get no reply from Daro.  Eight days later, I send her another e-mail asking if she has sent the badge yet.  Two days after I send this, she replies saying she was sorry for not responding because she had a family emergency, and had lost her job.  She asks me to send her my mailing address again because she may have lost it the first time.  I wish her well and send her the address again.  Hopefully this second reminder that she still has the badge I paid for will motivate her to send it to me.

Nope.  No badge yet.  Two weeks later I ask again if she can ship the badge to me because I would like to have it for this large furmeet I'm going to in about a month.  But I get no reply from Daro and the badge doesn't come.

A month later I ask a fourth time for the badge, this time saying I hope I can have it in time for FCN in two months.  And just like before, Daro does not respond and I go to the con without my character badge.

The last time I contacted Daro was a week ago.  I did not ask about the badge; I simply asked if she were still around, and to please reply to me.  I said if she could not, then I would look for her at AC or MFF, if she will attend either of those cons.  She hasn't replied to me yet.

So that is the story of my experience with Daro.  A lot of rambling over artwork I paid only $20 for, I know, but I really liked the art and I feel ripped off for not getting what I paid for.  If anyone reading this knows Daro, please tell her that I want her to contact me (my e-mail address is  For those of you who do not know Daro, do not do business with her if you meet her.  And if you do decide to do business with her, make sure you get what you pay for from her before she leaves whatever con you go to, because I doubt you'll get it from her through the mail.
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