Nanuka Takashi (n4nuk4) wrote in artists_beware,
Nanuka Takashi

Stock fotos

Skimmed the tags and hadn't seen any previous discussions on the matter, but if it's out of bounds etc - just promptly let me know, thanks!

Sparing details: I received a commission order, after skimming the wall of text and links I notice that the client has actually given me stock photos (via devART links) to use. By any case I will admit that I do generally use stock on things if I feel too challenged or uninspired - BUT, with that aside...should I feel slightly concerned and/or insulted by such? In the past 6 years of commission work (only approaching a professional level this past year and a half) I have only rarely been given detailed requests of what the client -would- like to see, at most. I respect that it's a higher level of "direct request", but I just seem...put off by it, I guess?

I suppose on subject; when using stock photos, is it best to contact the client in advance for approval or permission? In the case that they're looking for the higher level of creativity than use of a crutch. Or is that influenced by the level of similarity to the original image etc?

[Edit] Sorry! I'm so used to stock being for POSE REFERENCES and not so much textures etc.
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