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Ugly Dillemma :X

My (now ex) boyfriend commissions a friend of mine for a partial suit because she said she'd do it for little above the cost of materials. But it'd be the first time she'd ever made a fursuit. This was back in November-December 2008 as a Christmas present.

Well, I went along with it. My ex sends the $300-$350 her way and she wastes no time in discussing the nitty gritty about it with me. We chose fur together, discussed things, and she even showed me video progress and the like!

She kept me updated on AIM ever so frequently about projected completion dates. She said it'd be done by Christmas...then New Years, then before Furry Weekend Atlanta, and most recently, mid-late July.

Well, sometime in Jan-Feb, the friend breaks up with her boyfriend and moves next door.

Apparently she's broke and starts taking donation commissions to help her eat and such. Times're tough. She even asked people to pimp her out. In one friend's journal, one fellow had made the plain observation that she had taken previous donation commissions before and she hadn't finished the art for them. Which was true, and indeed shady. In fact, I even commissioned her for something for me and my boyfriend at the time (this was a boyfriend after me and the one who got the fursuit broken up). She had made that journal 2 or so months ago, and she hasn't shown face with the small commission I ordered. Her tablet pen is broken. I can understand that, and the hardships of breaking up with someone you were very close with, and the transition towards becoming independent.

But yeah, about a month or two ago, I decided to note her about the suit since the previously promised due date of by Furry Weekend Atlanta had fallen through. She referred me to a journal that had said she was in the hospital for a serious injury. I was a little insulted and miffed that she wasn't able to give me a more specific answer. I didn't want to impose a due date on her, I simply wanted to know what was up!

A few weeks later she started submitting sketches for folks who had donated (including myself, but I didn't pay her for a sketch, I had paid for 2 icons. But whatever, art's art. lol). I commented on my piece and said thank you. She told me what I had paid for was on the way as well. I took the time to ask her about my fursuit as well, since y'know, that was important too. She told me mid-late July. I was a bit appalled, but apparently she was moving again, this time out of State, so the delay wasn't necessarily unreasonable. Though I had been promised so many completion dates, I was starting to get a little upset, and that one guy who had said she hadn't been showing any progress with the donations she received kinda got me paranoid.

Anyway, TODAY I got asked to get on AIM because she had something important to tell me.

She told me that her ex, who she used to live with, had thrown away all the fur/foam.

I stayed calm about the matter. She apologized and asked about ways to rectify it. I didn't wanna answer right away because I'd been losing trust in her as of recent, and wanted to talk to her ex first, since me and him are pretty good pals.

I talked to her ex, and the full story was basically that while he was helping her move all her stuff into her new apartment, they had left that box for last and they went to take a breather since they'd been moving SO MUCH stuff and maintenance had thrown away the last box (since it was lying around or something I guess). So basically, bam. Everything was gone. He apologized too and offered to fix the situation too.

The head was packed in another box, and the ex-boyfriend has it still. Not the girl who was gonna make my suit. The head is partially done. It's foamed and everything, and some of it is furred. It's missing eyes, a nose and the ears need to be finished.

Now what's got me a little angry and confused is this incident happened BEFORE I had asked her about my fursuit when she showed me that sketch. So she kept that from me.

I don't know what I want to do. I'm kinda through with waiting on this and all the excitement I had for this suit is gone. I still want it, but I really don't want her to be involved in the production anymore. From what I've heard she's not doing good in her current situation.

What should I do about this now? One idea I had would be to ask the friend with my head to send it back my way (I'd see about helping him pay for shipping) and ask both him and the friend who was supposed to make the suit to help split the cost for replacement fur and just have 'em sent to me where I could work on them with a couple local friends who have experience with fursuits.

I apologize if I sound like an ass about this ;___;
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