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Opinion on an adult commission...

I have a customer (who wishes to remain anonymous) who is asking for some stuff that's totally out of my league, something I can't draw well but he's convinced i will be able to, and on top of that he's asking for some pretty extreme imagery. Now, i have told him I will give him a deal on three images he has asked for, but the fetish being used is so like... not my usual M.O. it's not even normal.

He's asking for a non-anthro character. I never in my life have drawn an animal, ever.  He still insists I make an attempt at this though.

The customer is CONVINCED that I will be able to execute this. I have already began a sketch but I am wondering if I should charge a little more  for the difficulty level and the time I will spend on this.

No money has exchanged hands. What do you think? Should a charge a little more for the extreme imagery? Should I reject  his generosity (I really need the money and I have not been commissioned in two years) and tell him to find someone more suitable?

Should I put my foot down and tell him that I can't draw animals?

And if anyone asks, he's a nice guy, has been quite polite aside from the continual ask for updates (nothing outside the norm though).

I am trying my hardest to accomodate him so I can get paid, I just want to make sure I'm charging a fair price.

I think he wants the images inked digitally. That for me is like 6 hours of work per image.

Be gentle, I'm a little slow when it comes to working but I can get stuff done.

I don't want to reveal what kind of imagery it is, either, let's safely say  it's not all that common and alot of people here would be offended by it if they saw it.

Any thoughts?
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