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Black-Rat / Keanon Woods

Artwork received. Artist was apparently out of town for most of the month, and only just got access to their computer. Not the best communication about that by any means, but the artwork looks great and I'm very happy with it. Paypal dispute cancelled.

Thank you to everyone for their comments and suggestions up to this point. Very much appreciated.

So I'd commissioned Black-Rat for a tf comic, and paid them half up front, with the second half to be paid upon the artist finishing. A few days short of a month ago he emailed me saying that he was done and would email me the artwork upon receipt of the remainder of payment. I paid the rest that day, and now a month later I still don't have anything.

At first it was a case of 'wow that was quick, I'm away from home for Easter, but I'll be home on Sunday and will email them then' and then a week or two later it changed to a case of 'I haven't forgot but dealing with family drama'. Nothing else since then, and I'm out a chunk of cash, and having to file a paypal dispute to at least preserve the option of getting back the second half of payment if they completely flake out on me.

Does anyone know if he's having issues offline, or has anyone had trouble with him in the past? I never had a sense of them being anything but good with commissions, albeit perhaps taking a while to finish a project, but I've gotten two different excuses now, and if as he said he's finished with the artwork, how hard is it to just email it to me.
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