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Has anyone heard from poisonpoptart?

I commissioned www.furaffinity.net/user/poisonpoptart or poisonpoptart.deviantart.com on February 22nd for 3 large-scale commissions totalling $113 US. Normally I wouldn't pay it all up front in one go and prefer to pay for each piece separately, but after receiving a commission prior to this in a timely and efficient manner I figured she was trustworthy. Shortly after the payment was made and cleared around March 4th, I waited a few weeks but didn't hear anything back from her, I found that she had msn messenger and contacted her on there. We had a friendly conversation, and apparently all her commissions were delayed because her computer died recently and that while she has another computer to use for msn messenger she doesn't have paint shop pro, tablet installed, etc. on it (sorry guys I don't have specific dates and chat logs because I didn't think I'd have to post here). I was understanding and sympathized, and she thanked me for not being angry like her other commissioners. I had another conversation with her which was reassuring shortly after that, but for the last two to three weeks she has disappeared. She's not answering my notes or emails, although according to her favorites she logged onto FA and favorited a picture a few days after I sent my last note, and although she logs onto msn I always find here 'away' and doesn't respond to my messages which she should receive when she gets back to the computer anyway.

Anyways I'm starting to get concerned, has anyone had contact with her recently? :(
Tags: artist-diana/poisonpoptart/yume, lost contact

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