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A commission gone sour and now way out of hand.

 I really don't want to have to do this, but I've been left with basically no choice.

A few months ago, I commissioned Noramyr Gullwing to build me a dragon avatar on SL. I had put down th first half of  the payment, and it went through paypal on Oct. 26, 2008. Around the same time as the payment clearing, I had some RL issues and had to be offline for a while. When I got back on, I messaged her asking how the commission was coming along. There was no responce. Some time passed, as well as one or two more messages before I was informed by someone else that she had computer problems. So I waited quietly and checked her 'last online' status in her group... it finally changed, so I messaged her again. No responce still. This continued off and on, including some note cards and offline messages. Recently though, I checked and it said 'online'. I found this odd because she was in my friends list, but not showing up. I soon discovered she had muted me. 

I had to post a journal on FA outlining this very problem (deleted now) to even get her to agnoledge me. After talking through a middle man, I was told she wanted me to appoligize for the journal and to do so by e-mail since she didn't want to unmute me. I sent an e-mail to what I believed to be the right address (used the one my paypal payment went to) and haven't gotten a responce. I stopped by her sim twice to try to talk to her, the first time she logged off after noticing me, the second she banned me while standing on the teleport pad.

I can understand if she's having troubles, but this is rediculous. I've only been trying to get my money back (I'm in rather tight financial troubles atm and even the $10 would help) and she's demanding I appologize while also cutting off all routes of communication. It shouldn't be this hard to just get my money back and this is getting rediculous.

Anyone got any suggestions or help they can offer?

[for chat logs check my replies to Maddogairpirate]
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