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Kappy Rayne

Client Concern: SlvrWlf/Lightish

I recently did business with the user SlvrWlf or "Lightish" for some emergency commissions because my equipment was failing. I put up an opening for about 5 users and he was one of them.

The other day he messaged me with a story about how he assumed his piece was stolen with my art bag and wasn't going to get it. The journal he was regarding clearly stated who was not going to receive their pieces and his name was not one of them. I cleared up with him that nothing had happened to his piece and it was still in my queue (which has ALWAYS been publicly visible at this point... Though his user has been removed from my list at the current time) to which he disregarded and still further requested a refund.
Edit: Just to state the work had only been completed to a sketch thus far, but work had been done on the piece.

I was short on cash to start with (hence why I opened for the commissions) so a refund at this moment is more than difficult, it will happen but I wanted to prevent other artists from having to deal with this.
*In short, SlvrWlf has recalled his commission for no reason and requested a refund under conditions which do not require one.
* He has continued to note me on FA stating that I have "refused to communicate" during a 4 month period when there is obvious proof stating I updated him a month ago on his page.
His messages have undertones of a very rude attitude.

"I do hope other artists at least give more frequent updates instead of hearing nothing really for 4 months.

"The journal that you're regarding for the lost art bag had two users listed for whose pieces were lost, and yours wasn't on there, and never was."
But you said 6 original pieces were lost, mention 2 names, and what am I to expect after hearing nothing from you for 4 months except when I message you, and still get nothing? There are 4 missing names you don't mention, and since you give no updates, what am I to expect? You can't pin me down as a liar when I did not lie when you refuse to communicate.

I was worried about finally buying a commission from someone and end up with an artist such as yourself.

My last message I sent out clarified that if no response is given when the payment is transferred than he will have accepted a 50% refund with the art as is via tacit agreement. His response was very rude.
"I have a job and better things to do than check Fur Affinity every single day to check your messages, don't send me any 'reminders'.

Scan and show me the piece and what you've already done, just email me a digital copy, then I'll make a decision as to whether to take the 50% or 100% refund."

Which totally contradicts his original note when requesting the refund, stating he lost his job.
"Being that normally I wouldn't say anything, when I commished you I still had a job, and a couple weeks after I lost it, and money is horribly tight for me. If I'm not getting that commission piece anytime soon, I would like a refund to my paypal please. thanks"

I set terms that he can accept a 100% refund without seeing the sketch, and a 50% refund if he chooses the sketch.
He responds with:

"If im going to accept a sketch, I want to know if its an actual sketch or stick figures. You need to show me a watermarked image to see if its worth half a refund or not. You also have no right to make a profit off my character.

Also, there is no 'final result' unless you actually finish the piece, which is still an option if it can be finished by May 10."

He did not have a deadline originally, and this is for sure a bad call due to bad attitude on his part. I received two parts to his note, the second of which consisted of:
"better idea. go ahead and finish the commission, no refund, and mail me the finished piece. forget all of this happened. I don't have time for this."

And my final response to him stated that I will not abide by his "March 10th" deadline as I do not accept deadlines through coercion, also stating I will finish the image based on terms previously set for the image. I also mentioned that any hostile response after this point will be enough for me to warrant closure of business with him.

In closing: SlvrWlf has decided to follow through with his commission because he "doesn't have the time to deal with this". I strongly urge caution when considering a transaction with this user, once I have completed ours he will be on my blacklist.
Tags: beware, comm-slvrwlf/lightish
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