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Question For You All

So this might not be worthy of the community, but I was discussing this matter with first my fiance and then a friend of mine, and the friend suggested I post it here...

Around Christmas/beginning of December, my fiance decided to commission a fairly talented and well-known artist we both love. The issue isn't really with her, so I won't post her name for now - I'd rather not associate her with the 'Beware-List.'

So my fiance commissions her for an ACEO of our characters, at a price of approximately $60 including insured shipping since the artist is overseas. Looking over the notes, my fiance contacted the artist in late November, received a sketch to be approved in early December, and received a Photobucket link to the final product the very next day. Frankly impressive due to the artist involved, in my opinion.

It was send out in the mail December 6th, and was supposed to arrive around the time I was visiting my fiance, the 3rd week in December - a little before Christmas, basically.

Well, something went wrong and we still haven't received it. This is a first for the artist - having a piece lost in the mail, I mean - and she's got a very established record of haiing her commissioners receive their art. In fact, every other person she sent art out to that batch got theirs safe and sound. Hell, we saw the finished piece, so we know it's done.

Here's where the dilemma comes in... My fiance has contacted her a few times about finding it, and this was the last note she got, on February 1st:

As you requested, I sent away the ACEO commission with insurance or how we call it recorded delivery. And as always I have asked when the picture will arrive because it was supposed to be a Christmas present.

They said it will take about a week, so I signed and let them post it.
Everything the post does and what happens to the commissions does not lie within my responsibility. This is now the very first time that an original got lost or never arrived at a customer's house. I will go to the post office soon and ask for the letter or I can even look it up online. Maybe you can even ask your local sorting office if there is something for you.

That once happened to me when my mother sent me a packet from Germany to England and it got lost.

After two months, it went back to my mother. -____-

I will keep you informed and give you the details of sending. If there is nothing I can do since it has been a quite long time now, I still have the original 300 dpi scan for you to print out if it is well and truly lost."

Now my fiance has gotten fairly frustrated, which is understandable given that it was her $60 being spent. However, I think my fiance is being a little childish in how she's reacting. She thinks it would be ok to ask this artist to re-do the piece from scratch and send it out again for free. As an artist, I'm frankly horrified by this concept, and would be more than a little pissed if someone asked me to do that without at least a fee, as it would essentially be getting two commissions for the price of one. She didn't think it was overreacting or asking too much in the slightest. I managed to convince her not to make this request, but I'd really like your opinions on this since it's been niggling at me for quite some time.

Also, what to do about the art itself? I'm staying out of it personally, since I didn't commission this artist, nor did I pay the money. But I do feel like it's a shame to call it a loss. My fiance hasn't gotten any more notes from the artist - she'd have told me - but how do we go about resolving this? I love this artist's work, but I'm still not sure what to do...

Also it's saying I'm not allowed to tag entries, so I apologize for that.
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