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Update on HollenHeist aka Cassie

A year ago, I commissioned a suit from an FA user called HollenHeist She was paid in full, and after several promises of having said product sent to me, or finished by certain dates and always failing to come through, she has now fallen off the face of the earth. Save for one random call that reached her via someone from here calling.

Well, It's been I believe 2 weeks, and I still cannot get a hold of her. One very nice person here did manage to get a hold of her, and she said something about posting pictures.

At this point, I simply wish to talk to her, to find out point blank what is going on. Not what I wish to hear, but what the truth is.
I really do not wish to take this to a legal point, but I'm fearing that I have no choise.
I understand life gets in the way of things. But I do not believe this lack of communication is warranted.

If anyone can get a hold of her, please let her know that I would like to have this cleared up as simply as possible.


Tags: artist-hollenheist/cassie, lost contact, resolved
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