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Scesmoon/ Chaos61988

will all be behind a cut
quick runview since my im's are so long and confusing of events. Can't prove this with a log though

1. He came to me after seeing the Revonar prisma shaded drawing. Wanted one like that of his character.
2. I shortly after did a sketch, at this time I didn't know it'd be a requirement that I had to have my side done first as it was pretty common at this time that I do my side of trades/commissions first anyhow (hence why I ended up getting screwed over a lot on it) He had some changes he want made, such as the detailing he wanted in the 'jeans thong' or whatever material it is. and how the mushroom things on the shoulders were supposed to look. I made changes, he redlined it then and I redrew it, got his permission to ink.
3. He wanted to know if I was going to finish it, I said yes, but I wanted to see something on his end first before doing so. (this when I thought finishing meant using the prisma colors)
4. Isee him making journals for more commissions and trades and even some "first 5 get gift art" type deals. Now the commissions I understand where some people prioritize although I do not. If you're going to accept more trades finish the others first or at least give them something for it. but then doing GIFT ART when you owe someone was a different story altogether then.
5. I still was nice when I approached him and asked if he was going to do my drawing. He complained about not having too much time on his end due to school (Hell, I've been to school, worked my ass off and still got art done, but I know how it can be for others so the only dampening here would be his willingness to still do giftart for others.) And then he asked me if we could reduce it to an ink trade. Well, ink trade means my side is done then, wouldn't you agree?
6. later after he finished his commissions, other trades, other gift art he left for a while, I even asked then and he never said -anything- about the drawing being wrong. Getting pissed in general, not at him about the trades I deleted his along with a lot of other people's trades that I never got. I put a journal that said nothing more than "I cleaned up all the failed trades/commissions". I never outed Scesmoon until the issue I posted here, and I don't know why people are saying the reason he acted like that towards me was because I was being a dick. I was being very nice to him despite him trying to lie to my face and try getting more art for what apparently would be a half-assed effort in return if he ever got around to it on the chance that it's "See? it's a sketch, I call this a sketch" mentality.
7. I asked every once in a while until he came back, not directly about his art to me but "How's school going? Got any new art?" and it wasn't till he showed proof he was actually drawing again that I decided to ask him

"Hope tihs isn't inappropriate to ask but now that you're drawing again, think you'll get around to your part of the trade? ^^;"

I'll put everything from Scesmoon in italics now.

This is FA pm copy paste, can provide screenshots.

[Hope tihs isn't inappropriate to ask but now that you're drawing again, think you'll get around to your part of the trade? ^^;]

Scesmoon's response

[I'll stop dancing around you and give you a full answer:

It is kinda innapropriate, seeing as i remember discussing this with you over a year ago. i told you i remember everything.

You asked me to do a trade with you to which i replied sure, but i want your end first (because at the time you had a habit of not finishing things) i also asked for something of THIS QUALITY: and remember pointing out that pic in particular.

You said "sure", and it took you i dunno how long to actually give me a sketch. i told you to edit it and you didnt and inked it anyways the way it was. then when i told you i didnt like it you tried to call me out in your journal and on the submission itself. ((which is maybe why the pic is no longer in your gallery? i tried looking for it for reference and its not there..or in scraps.)) i dont have the piece on my computer, i never Downloaded it, i never accepted it.

Last night when you dropped in on ustream i didnt want to get into this, i thought it better to say it to you in private:

If you want to trade with me, fine, but ill expect a new trade with your best effort put into it. im not producing compensation to something i never accepted. im not trying to be mean/elitist or anything else, i simply cant...and after you tried to call me out that one time Ive had a bad taste in my mouth.]

My response
and also can show proof as to most of this as well if I need to dig things up again.
[Now before this starts into a drama I strongly think you should rethink your post.

First off, it was YOU who came to me to ask for the trade. The reason I didn't finish a lot of things -unless- they were commissions were from my lack of motivation. Necessity and priority is motivation to me which a trade definitely was to me, I've not even posted most of my trades because most people (hahaha) blow me off on them.

I drew the pencil, asked what you thought, you wanted some redline changes, I made them than inked (so don't give me that I didn't listen bullshit when I even have your redlined version saved in my photobucket still)

btw, the picture is here (out of post, don't click if you don't like 4 armed muscle bound anthros in semi revealing clothing)

And the reason I came to you (didn't even say anything publicly) to ask was cause even after I finished my side (maybe you don't remember things as well as you think you do) you kept doing gift requests and taking on more commissions. I remember cause even after you asked me you had done a sketch afterwards for a friend of mine who came to me all happy that you drew them. That's why I came to you then cause it seemed like no pattern was going to change at that time since you hadn't even started working on my trade. What did you say? "Well, I'm too swamped to color, so can we reduce it to just ink trades?" So I said sure and even still I colored it somewhat just cause I thought it'd be cool to color even though you changed your side to just being an inked version. I see nothing wrong with that, especially since I all ready gave MY end of what your newly agreed deal was. So... yeah.]

And here's the AIM conversation

DraGames: I sent you I think a fairly tactful note on FA. I suggest reading it.
Chaos61988: i was actually just replying to it.
DraGames: Oh, okay.
Chaos61988: i reads as follows:
Chaos61988: look, im not gonna debate back and forth with you; there was obviously a reason i said something about your half. i dont blow of people for no reason. im not like that.

yes i do remember redlining a sketch you did, a very early sketch, but i also remember a bunch of frustration with you over a bunch of things
DraGames: ...
DraGames: 'frustrations'?
DraGames: Or something you just made up? I hardly ever talked to you :/
Chaos61988: oh so im just aking shit up? really?
DraGames: Well, what did I do to you then?
DraGames: I don't remember you having too many complaints about the drawing, I don't remember you having to complain to me about my 'behavior' before what little we spoke to each other.
Chaos61988: like i said i dont blow people of for no reason, if i say there was a reason there was a reason.
DraGames: which was?
DraGames: Disinterest?
Chaos61988: i dont need to lie to you..or anyone else.
DraGames: If there's a reason and you never forget then you could tell me.
DraGames: You also were just being a really huge asshole in your post ya know? Saying my drawing wasn't my full effort so I'd have to start a new one if I wanted anything from you?
Chaos61988: and you want to take my words to the extreme and use them against me
Chaos61988: fine
DraGames: No, I don't want you to just be insulting.
Chaos61988: i im such an asshole, and there was no reason, then dont bother. im not in the mood to be called a liar.
DraGames: Well, I dont' think it's fair I actually gave some effort and you've done nothing.
Chaos61988: well that was the reasoning behind me saying you had to finish yours irst..was it not? i dont say that to everyone, or even 10% of people that i trade with.
DraGames: Oh, so you can rip me off?
DraGames: Ask everyone, I keep my end of the deals.
DraGames: except those that lie.
DraGames: But even then, I finished the sketch, heard no complaints after I redrew it with the redlines edited.
DraGames: And it was YOU who came to me asked for the trade and even then asked me if we could then change it from color to just ink cause you didn't feel like doing a colored pic.
DraGames: So yes, if you're trying to go about 'me' being untrustworthy, why is it I gave my side yet you haven't?
Chaos61988: i dont have tie to argue about shit that happened over a year ago, i said my piece, believe what you will.
DraGames: No, I believe you owe me something XD
DraGames: A years time doesn't change that.
Chaos61988: and since you believe that i am a liar and that im just aking stuff up, continue on believing that.
DraGames: Okay, I'll just put you on artist beware and the like then ^^
DraGames: I log a lot.
DraGames: And yes, you are lying even if you're not aware of it.
Chaos61988: thats nice. goodbye
DraGames: You asked me, you also did not complain about the drawing
DraGames: Okay, if you want to go there then.
Chaos61988: lol i went there?
DraGames: Yes.
Chaos61988: your fucking threatening me
DraGames: You screwed me over.
Chaos61988: uck you
DraGames: Yes, I have the right to
Chaos61988: goodbye.
DraGames: You ripped me off
DraGames: therefore I can.
Chaos61988 signed off at 3:58:48 PM.

and that is all.

And I guess more clarification because some people might overlook details *cough cough*
1) I did in fact fix everything before inking. His Red-lining of my drawing woudl be his ACCEPTANCE of my sketch.
2) I did not out him like he says I did, over a year ago I posted his drawing, but after getting nothing back on a lot of trades I posted a journal which I deleted shortly after that said "I'm removing my failed trades/commissions." It did not say anything about him. People might of inferred that if they noted later when I reposted his and some other art and they remembered that journal could of in fact made the link that he owed me art but never did it.
3) I'm aware I told him I'd post it on Artist_beware. I'm not hiding anything. I don't see how that's against me that after his behavior and refusal to do anything asides make excuses up over and over that I can say I would put it up here. Shouldn't it be even more douchey if I did it without warning him if I were doing it for all the wrong reasons?
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