Denigratus (d3n) wrote in artists_beware,

Hey all. I just joined after being burned, so I thought I'd warn ya.

At this year's AC, I commissioned Matt Burt (GunMouth on DA, Badvibes on Yerf) on the second day of the con for two conbadges. He said he'd have it done in half an hour or so. So I come back later, and he's not working on it. "Come back later," he keeps saying. Whenever I come back to his table, he's working on everyone else's stuff but mine. People are handing him sketchbooks to draw in, and he jumps to those first. On the last day of the con, I told him that he'd better have them done soon, because I wasn't staying all day and had a bus to catch. "Oh, I guess I'd better get started then," he said, pulling out a pad that had only one of the badge's pencils done. I caught up with him after the dealer's room closed, and gave him my address to mail the badges to when he was done. That was in July. I've since talked to him on AIM, and he keeps saying the same thing over and over again... "I'll get right on it." He had two full days at the con, and two months since then to do what only takes most artists an hour or less.

At this point I'd just ask for my money back, but I'm sure "he'll get right on that."

"Badvibes" is an appropriate name. Skip GunMouth.
Tags: artist-gunmouth/matt burt/cownugget, beware

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