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Do NOT commission this girl

Last year in March, I commissioned a member on FA by the name of hollenheist http://www.furaffinity.net/user/hollenheist to make me a partial. After I had paid her in full, She had told me That the suit would be done by AC. This was last year.
[and yes I DO have ALL the logs of Every conversation we've had]

Ok, AC comes, and it wasn't finished. Things happened. All right, I understand, I'm not happy, but I really do understand. Besides she did have Some things done, like the leggings, the arms, and the tail... well Mostly done...But hey, it's progress right? Apparently her father threw the head away by accident.

So, I tell her, to have it done by Furfright. ok, maybe that was harsh, telling her when to have it done by...but it gave plenty of time...and she said she would.

Furfright comes, It's not done, hell It wasn't even there. Ok... So something happened, the head was a melted pile of goo of resin because she had to bring her father to the hospital. Even thought I was not happy about it, I understood. Things happen.

So....She tells me it will be one by the Beginning of Feb. Well....Of Course that didn't happen, She apprently fell out of bed and hurt her arm. After weeks of not being able to get a hold of her, I finally do, and she was all panicked thinking that the con was that weekend and she was gonna overnight it to the hotel. She was relived that there was 2 weeks still to go, so i tell her since it's done just mail it to me.

She says she will. And then i can't get a hold of her again...not until last Thursday. Where she then informs me that she had really messed up her arm, and had surgery on it. That she could show me pictures of it and the get well cards.. [But she can't show me pictures of the suit? Of which I've been asking for since furfright?]

She tells me then that she will overnight the package, that I will have my suit by Monday, or Tuesday at the latest. She never sent it. I checked ups and fedex and there's No packages coming to where i live, not even in the same apt complex.

Also, this whole time, this whole Year, it's been next to impossible to ever get a hold of her. But, when my boyfriend got a hold of her 2 weeks ago, she answered the call [she didn't know his number, it was a new one.] and Now, Every call she doesn't answer regardless of the time. We both have called, emailed, noted her on fa, immed her on both msn and aim, I'd write except I dont' have her address. We've exhausted every means possible to contact her.

We let her know that we will take legal action for at the very least my money back. I warned her that I would be writing about this on Artist Beware.

Customer communication lacking.
Meeting deadlines she sets herself, horrible.

I strongly suggest not to commission her for anything. At least not until she can get herself sorted out. Either she's extremely flaky, or she's one hell of a con artist.
The worst of it is, I DO like her, well did, she IS nice, but I cannot believe a single word she says.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get my money back? Legal action I will take if I must, I just would rather not go that route.
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