Mogwai_toejam (akktri) wrote in artists_beware,

Watch out for the insane writer types

Obscure writers who want a series of illustrations from artists are often insane. Or maybe I'm just a magnet for crazies. I can tell they're insane because they get upset over the slightest things. Critique their grammar or English a little bit and they get all pissed off at you. It makes about as much sense as when my dad starts yelling at me because I made fun of a television commercial. I don't even comment on the ideas of these writers. I stick to commenting on their writing, and still they get angry at me. I mean, I understand if you've got a mental problem and you don't want me to comment on the mental problem of your protagonist. I understand if it's a tender love poem between you and some lover of yours. That's exactly the kind of thing I'd refrain from making comments on. What I fail to understand is how someone can get so defensive about a piece of video game fan fiction? From reading what they wrote, I can tell damn well they didn't put that much time into it. Or children's poetry. Did the child die? Was this poetry to be published in honor of the dead child? Why in the hell else would these people get so offended by me merely suggesting a few changes in sentence structure?
I see a strong trend running through all of this: the obscure writer, whoever the hell it is, doesn't know how to write good prose or poetry, so they're leaning on the artist like a crutch.
"My writing is perfect as it is. I don't want to change it to sound better. I just want you to draw a picture that will make all my bad writing look good." It's like disguising a turd with gift wrap in hopes that nobody will notice it's a turd.
Along with this type of mentality, there is another. "Oh, I don't want you to actually read the writing, I just want you to read my mind and draw a picture of what I'm thinking of, because I'm such a bad writer that I can't put those images to paper myself!"

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