Garr (garrwolfdog) wrote in artists_beware,

Continued troubles with Gideon.

About 4 months ago I posted on here about trying to get int ouch with Gideon and another artist. The situations with the other artist got resolved and Gideon got in touch with me; since then however I've heard nothing from him.

Back in September 2007 I commissioned Gideon and now more than a year and half later i've still not even seen so much as a sketch.
I've tried sending him emails, private messages on LJ and FA and i've sent him messages on AIM. The only time i've managed to get his attention was last time I posted on here.

Gideon, please get in touch with me!
At this point, unless you've actually started work on the commission, i'd rather just take the money back and leave it no hard feelings.
Tags: artist-gideon/gideon hoss, lost contact

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