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Bad Company (EDIT: Added chat logs)

I replied to a post on by to make a flash ad for $50.

The staff provided the assets and general direction. I animated the graphics.

I gave them the ad and they refused to pay me (see ad here).

Chats and emails about commission and payment

Original direction (greetings deleted):

I will be collaborating with you for our flash banner ad. Here is what I want you to do...

The banner ad will have the following:

  • a "Play Now" button at the end of the ad
  • the URL of Fresbo World (
  • the logo
  • animations
  • screenshots (see image attached)
  • must show the words (Think, Build, PLAY)
The ad will flash the words Think, Build and PLAY in colors red, orange and green respectively and the screenshots that I have attached. For the screenshots, you can resize them to fit the banner. I have no idea on how the sequence will be. It is up to you and we will see how it goes later on. To give you an idea of what we like, check out the banner ads in [sic]. If you have any questions, feel free to email me back. Thanks :)

(12 images - all environments - were attached to the email. I thought I could do a slideshow until the swf ballooned to 100K. There wasn't much contact until I sent the ad which resulted in the chat below)

8:22 PM ck: hi- so regarding the banner ad.. it is too simple ._.
 ck: we have something in mind
  i hope we can work this out...
8:23 PM how about we start with something like 'blue skies, green plains...'
  then out of nowhere a plushie 'white onion' plushie
  jumps to the scene
  jumps/hops ok good
8:24 PM me: The reason it was so small was because when I exported the swf with only the logos, it was 27 K
 ck: something like a 'short' animation.... like those flash banner ads in 'cherry credits'
8:25 PM i think Connie, what shemeans is, if we want a more complicated ad, the file size will get ahh ok
  is there anything we can do with the logo?
  how about resize it?
8:26 PM me: I tried making the file size as small as I could for the logo
  Any lower and the important colors will get lost i see
8:27 PM me: When I look at Cherry Credits, it looks like basically a sataic banner with some of the graphics on an animated loop after it gets into place

(There's some talk about trying to get the logo smaller. I mention that Cherry Credits' artwork makes their banners look good. Someone gives me a screenshot of their logo in-game)

: from wad i know, that screenshot i showed u
  it is png
  the logo is png when it is put inside the swf
 me: Do you have a vector version of the logo?
8:40 PM notorand: nope
  afk 5 mins
 ck: PSD
  not illustrator
8:41 PM will that help
 me: Usually vector files (AI) are alot smaller than raster (PSD)
 notorand: from wad the flash programmer told me
8:42 PM when u right click on the asset in the cs3
  u have to specify lossless
  else it will compress the image
  i think that is why all the images u put it in is very pixelated
8:43 PM me: It was to keep the size below 60K
8:44 PM notorand: hmm ok let me think abt it, i get back to you in a few hrs time, thks :)
 notorand has left
8:45 PM ok :)
  we'll just email u hannah
 ck: thanks :)
 me: K... bye
 me: later

Then one of the people contacted me again right after that chat:

8:52 PM ck: Hi again.. BJ thinks the flash ad might not work out this time, but we;d like you to stick around because we like your illustration work :)
 me: OK ^^;;;
 ck: we will perhaps contact you soon for avatar designs, environments etc
8:53 PM me: ... So I won't get paid for the ad.
 ck: no :(
 me: .... Oh...
 ck: yea because BJ is not happy with the result :(
  he feels it is not your strong point
8:54 PM me: ... oh...
8:55 PM ck: yea sorry -_-
 me: So if you don't like my illustrations, will I also not be paid for them too?
8:56 PM ck: hmm, BJ can elaborate on that more, so you can reach an agreement, he's very flexible and can state your conditions - so to speak
 me: ... on the record
8:57 PM I'd like to be paid after I put in work, even if it's a kill fee
 ck: you wanna get paid for the ad? i will let him know.. how much?
8:58 PM or for the future dealings?
8:59 PM me: For future dealings, I think it's best if we get everything in writing on the next go-round
9:01 PM For the ad, $30 is what I'm thinking of.
 ck: definitely. like i said, BJ is open to suggestions. most of the artists we have a free-lancers. i'll mention that to him and your price for the ad
9:02 PM is that price fixed, or open to negotiations?
9:04 PM me: It's not set in stone, but I would be hard-pressed to accept anything lower
9:05 PM ck: ok i left him a message
 me: Alright. Thanks

And this is the email that was sent an hour later:

Hi (fanartist)
We are sorry to tell you but the banner ad is just not what we are looking for. It is just not up to our standards and we cannot give you $30. Hope you understand. Thanks.


Should I still ask for compensation, or should I leave this be?

DAAAMMMNNN ITTTT Found this after going through past posts. Repeat offender?
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