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A pleading for guidance. with DMCA stuff (NSFW)

I have a friend who owns a paysite who has found some of his paysite content avialable for download at a "donate-for-access" adult material messageboard, and is flailing futily to get them to stop.

My friend owns hxxp:// Please, no comments about the material itself, i'm trying to keep this to a mature conversion.

Anyway, he started this website only recently and already he's found that someone ripped the material  off the site and posted it here:


Which is a donate-for-access adult material messageboard.

Now the owner (whom I know as Tigersan) has stated in his journal at DA all the details he cares to wish to divulge to the public.

Tigersan is more than your average poser user. He makes his own  models and his own textures so essentially the work is his own.

Anyway, apparently Tiger signed up for the site just to ask the admin to take the content down and was immediatley banned.
I told him to start preparing a DMCA notice, and did some who-is lookups.

The servers are based in Serbia. I don't know what Serbian copyright law dictates but there isn't any readily-available way to even contact the admins.

Is there any way anyone knows how to break this stalemate for him?  I'd hate to see Tigersan's paysite fail even before it starts.

Trust me it takes him far longer than people recognize to make these pictures. The textures are exclusive to his work only.

He seems pretty beat up over this and it pains me to know that there is nothing we can do to stop this site from pirating his paysite material.

There's really no way to find out ANY info about Serbian copyright law, although we will sure as heck try, hopefully this community can give us some insight and possibly, some firepower Tigersan can use.

(Please don't discuss wether pirating paysite material is justifiable or not either, I'm trying to solve a problem here).

The reason why Tiger wouldn't post this himself  is that he doesn't have a LJ account.

Thanks to anyone that can help and have a great and peaceful day.

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