Serpentine Bard (reptilian_muse) wrote in artists_beware,
Serpentine Bard

Has anyone seen-

-the artist Sara Palmer, by chance? I had contacted her back in August about creating a tattoo piece based off one of her artworks. She had expressed an interest in working on it, but mentioned that she had some other on-going projects also she wanted to clear up first. I told her that was fine as I am currently enlisted, and would be doing a couple field training exercises over the next several months.

I recently contacted her a few days ago to see if she was still interested in creating the tattoo piece, but have not heard back. I'm wondering if anyone could possibly tell me what her status is currently? I'd love to have this done by her, but if RL circumstances or other are interfering, I don't want to unintentionally become a nuisance.

I appreciate any help in contacting her.
Tags: artist-sara palmer, lost contact

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