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Warning: Sirrinose

Hate to have to do this but I've just had an unpleasant encounter with a customer on FA. It's not a big loss, but it's still a loss, and I am quite annoyed.

Customer advertised on the FA forums, wanting to commission someone for a ref sheet of their character. I PM'ed them and they were interested in commissioning me.

Our first exchange.

As you can see, I very clearly stated this would be my first muscle picture, and they agreed to it.

I began sketching, and showed the WIP so they could request any changes. This was all moved to email.

Does he state anywhere that he was not happy with how I did the muscles? No.

I assumed things were ok so far, and went to work on his changes. A bit later, he emailed me back, wanting to pull out of the commission.

We agreed that he would pay me for the sketch I've done, after I cleaned it up. It is my standard rate for a sketch; $3 USD.

I worked on finishing the sketch and sent it to them, as you can see above. 6 days then went by with no word and no payment. I emailed again, inquiring after the payment, and then:

Apparently I shouldn't have taken the commission cause I wasn't good with muscles, even though he agreed to it in the first place. He also only payed me $1.50 USD for the sketch, despite agreeing to pay $3 USD.

Paypal receipt showing his rude 'it's better than nothing' message.

Now, I know $3 isn't a lot, but as many of you know, EVERY single cent counts, especially if you're unemployed like I am. I worked a good hour on his sketch, made it VERY clear in the beginning that I was NOT experienced with muscles but I would try, and he agreed to it.

I've learnt my lesson and now have a 'Terms and Conditions' page I will now show my future clients.
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