failarhya (failarhya) wrote in artists_beware,

Paging Kamilya Storme... Again.


I posted here not too long ago looking for her.  Now I have to do it again.   I  had kept in contact with her for a few months.  She finished my Badge it's lovely. 

It's even photographed and commented on as being done.  Here is the link

 She had said it would be sent.  This was THREE months ago. She promised it would be sent out before the end of the year.  2008 that is.   I have emailed and messaged her on FA.  I was really hoping to get it in time for Furry Fiesta,  as of today (( February 14 2009))  I have not recieved any replies.  Very frustrating.    She updated fur affinity a month ago but still nothing.  I do not think it got lost in the mail,  I really don't think it has been sent at all.

Is anyone aware of what's going on with her?  I hope she's okay .    All I want is my badge to be sent...


Tags: artist-kamilya storme, lost contact

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