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Art theft - possibly being sold... somehow.

I was recently pointed to this site by my other half through his latexy fetish-type connections, and it seems they've got a site full of stolen art, most likely ripped from FurAffinity galleries.

If you're a latex/inflation fetish artist (or know one), then you might want to look through and see if your stuff's been posted - Mine's on there and I'm surprised since it's... terrible. I think the only place I posted it was FA though. So yah.

The site:

They seem to be claiming to be... selling the artwork as... outfits?
It's too bizarre to really compute, and they've even whited out artists' names in some of the artworks and added their own watermarks as even more of an insult. Gah.
I'm emailing them now, and I suggest anyone else with art taken should do the same.

I'll post this to art_theft too, as soon as I join.
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