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I've joined this Community several days ago, and I've decided I would post an intro today =)

To learn about me just read my User-Info as lots of information about me as an Artist, I really don't want to repeat it all in here..

One day I am going to become a Commissioner; primarilly through Real-Life sales, but occasionally through the Net with people I can meet and trust more than others. I would like to know any tips, I would appreciate it as when I used to draw art for people over the Internet, I've had problems with the Requester not explaining what he/she REALLY wants; they seem to disapear off the face of the Planet when I finish their request and I can't contact them anymore. Some of them occasionaly are rude and don't seem to have the knowledge that Artists are people aswell; with feelings, aware just like everyone else.

Also, I've requested some art off a couple of other Artists and I've never received the commissioned image. I clearly told them what I wanted, they agreed; eight months later I am still waiting so I send the Artist a polite email but I do not recieve a reply back.

How do I avoid meeting Artists who promise an image, but end up not bothering to do it because they didn't feel like it?

Anyway, I am glad to be in a Group about the problems with art theft, commissions, and generally inappropriate usage of Art.

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