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Bad Commission Experience/Advice?

I've debated even posting, but I'd like some advice on the situation and others might want to be warned. . .

Disclaimer note: It's been a long time since the initial incident (which is actually part of the problem), and the mentioned artist may have stepped it up a bit. . . and she really is a sweet person so I don't mean any offense over it.

*edit* took the name off. . . I dont want to upset anyone ^^;;;;;

So Around two years ago, an artist Was having one of those "Help I need some cash, so I'll offer some cheap/quick art" commission sales. She was always so nice and I enjoyed her fun style so I said why not! I commissioned her for a two character Traditional marker piece(and for her to send the original since I collect). Now I do commissions myself and know how things happen so I am understanding of a commission taking time.

I got a sketch soon after. . . and well I was a little bit dissapointed. Mostly because there wasn't all that much evidence of her wonderful style, and it seemed a bit quickly done(which being a commission on sale I should expect). But, I always feel bad making any major correction changes, and at that point it'd almost be a redraw request so I sucked it up and enjoyed what she did and approved.

Quite a few months went by, and I e-mailed her to ask about the commission. When I did hear back, She came back asking if she could do the coloring digitally instead of with markers because she was having trouble with the dark grey/black of my character. I wasn't sure what to say, and was a bit surprised at her asking. . . and in the end I decided not to make her do it traditionally if it meant the piece would be ruined in the process, as long as she sent me the sketch/inked piece.

So quite a few months later (it has been a full year+ by this time since the start of the commission) I e-mailed again to ask about the piece and she apologized for it taking so long, and promised to send me the sketches/inks as well as "as many prints as I want!" of the piece. . . I only asked for one or two since I wouldn't need more than that and didn't want to give her more work. When I finally got the colors, I was again a bit disappointed in the quality of the coloring (in comparison to her usual coloring style.) But it had been a year and I wanted to move on. So I thanked her and gave her my address for the original/prints.

Months later (no art) I moved and e-mailed her to let her know of the new address. She apologized again and said she'd send it all to me. It's been another year and I've since moved again, but I have since given up on getting her to send the art to me. I mean the commission was cheaper ($15) since it was a half off sale. . . but doesn't every commission big or small deserve the same respect/attention?

Should I e-mail her once more asking about it? Or should I just forget about it? I'm more tempted to do the later since the art wasn't all that exciting to me so I'm not crying over it. Though I do feel a bit cheated, especially since there were so many promises given that were never filled.

So if anyone has any advice for me, either on this situation or how to not find myself in this position again feel free to comment :)

*edit* I Went ahead yesterday (Feb 10th) and e-mailed her a short and nice e-mail inquiring about the art:

"Hey __________!

I know it's been a while (quite a while xD) since the commission you did for me, but I was wondering if you still had those original sketches lying about? I'd still like to have them if you are still able to send them ^^;;;

Let me know

I figured it can't hurt to ask. . . haven't heard anything back yet, and if I dont I wont bother to make an issue of it, but wanted to try.
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