Ty (tygurfoxie) wrote in artists_beware,

Not a Beware really but thought I'd ask

I did a commission for a client a little while ago and they've become rather buddy-buddy with me ever since. Having linked me to a story they wrote with their character in it they wanted me to read for the commission. I skimmed through it, mostly becuase I don't have alot of free time on my hands and nearly all of it has to be used doing this or that... I got the info I needed and posted it was a nice story, you know to be polite and moved on to finish the work.
Later on they keep asking me to read more of their stories and send me references for drawings they never actually commission me seriously for.

What I'm wondering is, how do you let your clients know that you appreciate their business and you'd like to keep making art for them, without becoming bestest friends foreveriest? I don't want to be rude but I don't have alot of time to waste either ya know?

I try to keep business and friendship separate after all.
Tags: advice for artists
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