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Warning, Bad Client: TyVulpine

Hi everyone!

I wanted to alert you of a client that I just had a very negative experience with. I do not know how he will treat other artists in the future, however, I thought people should know of this.

While I am awaiting my other screen name of Spirit Creations to be approved on here, I thought I'd just post on this screen name. Back in early October, I was taking commissions as I was having to move across the country and I needed some extra finances. Cool beans. The commission was for a high-detailed character with background for $100. Normally, I charge $200, but I was having a sale. I also included a free deadline where the commission would be finished in otherwise January or February. TyVulpine agreed to commission me. He paid me and filled out the commission form I sent to him.

In December, Ty sent me a note on FA asking me why his commission hadn't been completed. I reminded him that the commission he purchased had a deadline of Jan/Feb. I said that I am not to be held accountable for his lack of responsibility in reading the journal in its entirety. I stated *very* clearly in that journal that these commissions would be started in January or February. I even used bold print when the deadlines were due so the client would be sure not to miss it. He then noted to me that on my queue, he was last in line. I told him that those were not necessarily in order, but since he was first to pay, I would make sure to start his deadline commission first. After all, that is what is fair. He then replied back that I have no later than February 10th to finish his commission. He and I agreed (wow... demanding a deadline when I already gave free deadlines? That is not very kosher!).

About three or four days ago (Feb 4th, I believe), I was working on his commission sketch and I had to ask him a few questions about his character, as his references were confusing. This is what he replied back to me on February 5th:

"Forget the commission. I've waited long enough. "

This is what my TOS (which was linked to in my FA journal *and* it is in huge bold print on the top of my commission form that the client *has* to electronically sign and agree that he/she read the TOS) says:

"It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure the measurements, address, and/or art information is correct. Any problems with shipping, fitting, or incorrect artwork that may occur from the mistake of the customer will not result in a refund or a remake of any art or fursuit item."


"The customer must read my rules and guidelines and electronically sign that they have read and agree to my terms on the commission form. If the customer has indeed not read the terms, I will not be held responsible for any miscommunication during the commission process."

Okay...? I do state in my TOS that every client has the right to cancel their commission at any time, but I also state that if I did any work on said commission, that I have the right to deduct whatever amount from their refund. Since I did the sketch, I will be deducting $35. I went to send him a note on FA, and after I thought out everything I wanted to say, I pressed send. He had blocked me on FA. Why was this necessary? So, I emailed him my reply. This is what I said:

"I'm sorry hun, but you clearly stated that I had until Feb 10th to start your commission. It is only Feb 6th. I started your commission on the 4th.

I am well within the deadline that we have agreed upon. It was your initial mistake not to read the journal in its entirety where I stated that all commissions would be finished in Jan/Feb. That is not my fault if you failed to read the journal before agreeing to commission me. However, you did pay first, so I moved you to the top of the deadline list, in which you stated that I had until Feb 10th to do the commission.

Well, here I am, before Feb 10th, and I almost have the sketch finished. I just needed to ask you those few questions regarding your character. It will not take me long at all to color it.

However, you *do* have the right to cancel, as that is clearly stated in my TOS, if that is your wish. However, I will not issue a full refund, as I have completed the vast majority of the sketch. I will complete the sketch and send it to you, if you do wish to cancel. Since you purchased a $100 commission, and sketches are $35 (they are actually higher now, but they were $35 when you ordered from me), then I will refund you $65. As of right now, I am broker than a bum, but I will get the money to you ASAP.

So, we can otherwise finish out this commission or cancel. Please let me know what you wish to do.

Also, why was it necessary to block me from your FA list? Seriously. I will be awaiting your reply.


This morning, I received yet another shout on my FA page from him. He said:

"You already know my answer. Paid you right away, ended waiting 3-4 months and ain't seen hide nor hair of commission. No more waiting. You had 2 chances. You don't get a third. All further emails will be deleted unread."

I went to reply back to him that he has no *place* to be issuing me chances because he is the one who wasn't responsible enough to read the big bold print in my journal that stated the commissions would not be started until Jan/Feb. He needs to take responsiblity for his own mistakes. Yes, he WOULD have to wait three or four months for his commission, but that is what the journal clearly stated. January or February deadlines. Of course,  he re-banned me from his FA page. I did everything in my power to appease this client but it seems you can't make him happy.  

This is absolutely infuriating me. I don't care if he wants to cancel. That's fine and that is his right, as stated in my TOS. I'm just angry about the lack of logic here. How am I even supposed to refund this guy if he won't read any of my emails where I ask him how to refund him? The only fault I can see from myself is that I did not completely any of the commissions in January, but I am having issues with the Confuzzled con book cover and have been slammed with that. However, I am still within the deadline right now on all deadline commissions, and even the deadline that he demanded of me.

According to my own TOS, the client stopped the commission, which would only result in a 50% refund. However, since I did quote him $65, I do think it is only fair that I refund him that amount.

WHOA!!!! Actually, I just went through my PayPal history. The client NEVER paid me $100. He only paid me $50 (unless that is why he said I didn't have to paint a background, and to him, $50 was in full), which was half of the commission price. I will refund him $15 after deduction of the sketch price.  At least I have his PayPal address now.

So, if anyone does business with this guy in the future, just be careful with him and make sure he has read all the stipulations before agreeing and signing a contract, which yes, he did sign!

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