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Firstly I’d like to say that I’m rather new at doing commissions. I’ve done trades and requests before (and loads of them) but I’ve never run into a situation like this.

A fur by the name of Whaletrainer2002 (he also goes by Marine_Wolf2008 and Firekeeper) commissioned me about a few weeks ago to do a colored pencil picture of his fursona. He told me what he wanted, sent me references, and gave me a very detailed description of the pose in which he wanted his character to be in. He also asked that I draw his character nude, though there was some discrepancy about whether he even wanted that done. I then gave him the option of doing a nude and censored version, because he was obviously nervous about his character being naked. He said that he liked that idea, we decided on a price and it was settled. He asked, however, that I wait a little while for him to be able to pay me before I start working on the commission. Around a week later he told me that he had run into money problems and had to take the commission down to just a lineart version of the nude picture, no censoring. I gave him the new price, he sent payment immediately, and I began working. That’s when the problems started.

He began messaging me every day, asking for scans of the progress and telling me what he wanted changed. He changed the pose a number of times before deciding that he wanted to go back to the original pose that he had in mind. Through out all this, he was hinting at the fact that he wanted me to color it, but couldn’t afford it at the moment. I didn’t take much notice to it and just kept working with the pose until he was happy with it. I sent him the final sketch and he okayed it, and I started inking. Later that night, he sent me an e-mail with a copy of the sketch as an attachment. I didn’t know what this was about, so I took a look at what he had sent and I see that had taken it into Photoshop and added a bathing suit to it. Needless to say, I was shocked and a little offended. When I spoke to him about it, he said that he had added it in because he wanted to see what it would look like and also so he could show his friends the picture and not feel embarrassed about the genitalia. I told him that I was okay with it as long as he didn’t post it anywhere but I asked that he not alter my work further. He agreed.

It took him about a week to realize that he, in fact, wanted me to color his piece and it took him another week to send me the remaining $3 for the coloring work. He (again) asked me to change the commission and I flatly told him no because I had sent him the final sketch and that he already approved it. Although feeling a little defeating (and sheepish, apparently) he said that was fine and let me get on with my work. I finished the lineart later that night and sent it to him, he said it was fine and I then went on to begin coloring. The next day, when I had completed the coloring work, I was about to send him the scan and let him know that it was going to be put in the mail when I find that he had sent me another e-mail with an attachment. He altered the lineart as well, just as I’d told him not to. Without saying a word I sent him the scan and I’m going to head to the post office this week to send the finished product to him.

All in all, he’s a nice guy. But he likes to be in charge, have frequent updates, and changes his mind a lot. I have nothing against him (he told me that he’s going to commission me again later this year, I agreed because I really need the cash), but all the altering and constant badgering really started to wear on my nerves. He’s also become really buddy-buddy with me, almost to an uncomfortable level. He’s gone as far as to talk about his personal life and beliefs with me, trying to change my views on religion to the point in which I had to tell him to back off a little. Had I known all this in the past, I’d have thought a little more before taking on the commission (or I’d have raised my prices to match the amount of work I’d be doing on it).

As I said before, I’m reasonably new to the commissioning scene. I don’t know if this is a regular thing, and if it is I’ll delete the post. But I figured that I’d post this in case he crosses someone else’s path in the future.
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