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On tracing

Hey all. I occasionally read this community, but only recently decided to join. Hopefully I'm doing this correctly.

This particular post is about a specific artist who is very prone to tracing. I actually held off on saying anything about this, so some of the images in question have been taken down from their original hosts, but I did save some screenshots. The reason I bring it up now is that she still traces.

Naryu/Narumi has been known for her vector work lately. However, if you check on her archive, you'll see that her vector characters have much more structure and stability than her other work. The reason for this became readily apparent to me about a year ago.

She posted this image and talked about how proud she was of it, but two people (including me) pointed out that she traced a photo.

She responded by deleting/hiding the post and complaining about "snark" on her journal. However, up until very recently, she was selling this traced artwork on Artspots and DeviantArt. She was told that this was wrong, yet she did it anyway.

Now, by that point she had already been doing this for some time,. However, she is still doing this, as evidenced here. Please note the general shape of the mouth, the placement of the eye, and the contour of the farthest cheek ruff. Yes, the shapes are a tad off, but the reason for this is that this higher-resolution photo was found through searching for "coyote snarl" on Google image search. Searching for "wolf snarl" (as she did) pulls up a blurrier, smaller version of the image that when traced, produces the aforementioned result.

When she does not completely copy a photo, she will mostly trace it and change a few details, but will still try to pass it off as entirely her own work if she can. For example, note the similarities between this image and one of the first images found when you search for "Japanese crane." I see that only now does her DevArt description say "refs used," but this was only after someone called her on it. Had they not done so, she would have once again tried to claim this work as her own.

When she is not tracing, she will very heavily lift from other artists, as seen here. Please note the general shape of the ears and mouth, the cheek ruffs, the eyebrows, and antlers. Also please note the small lines she put onto the orb in an attempt to mimic the smoke inside the original artist's orb. The most telling detail is the arm; in the original artwork, the dragon's body is partially obscured by clouds, and without this information, she seemed uncertain as to where and how the arm of her dragon should attach to the body.

And a relatively minor quibble, but part of the description for her Earth Rat is directly copy-pasted from here. Again, she makes no mention of this, preferring that people assume she wrote it herself.

Various individuals have confronted her about this. However, she always responds with extreme hostility and takes it very personally. She seems to think there is nothing wrong with what she's doing.

In short, I would reccommend not buying from her. She doesn't see a problem with her actions, and as such buying from her could very well get you some traced/lifted work from something she found on Google. I actually feel kind of bad about bringing this up, but I feel that it needs to be said.
Tags: art theft, copyright, discussion
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