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Need Advice

EDIT 2/21/09: The artist in question has issued my refund. I'm not particualarly happy with her irresponsible behavior, but she did pay me back and I consider this resolved. Thank you to everyone who offered advice for the given situation, I genuinely appreciate it.

Hi, I’m new to Artist’s beware (and the particular situation I’m having) so I hoping to find some advice to help me with my current problem.

At AC ’07 I commissioned an artist for a $20 ink drawing for a friend. The artist seemed nice and when I went to pay them they told me I didn’t need to pay up front. I said I didn’t mind, and they shrugged and accepted the payment. I gave them a piece of paper with my name and what I commissioned and left.

2 months later

I contacted them through FA to check up on the commission and kindly ask for the status of the commission. Instead of answering the question, they began talking about the person I commissioned it for and since they seemed nice, I didn’t think at the time they might be averting my question. I let it slide and eventually the conversation ended.

4 months later

I contacted them again to get an idea of the status of my commission (as in, what place in line it was in or roughly how long it would take to complete) as well as another question too. They answered the other question but again averted the status question. Again they seemed nice and again I didn’t think at the time they might be averting my question, so yet again I let it slide and decided to give them time before contacting them again.

7 months later

I contact them yet again to ask the question that was never answered. They read the note but didn’t answer it and after waiting three days I resent the note. They apologized saying they forgot to reply and again they try to avert the question by asking me if I still wanted the same commission. I remained civil, answered their question and reasked mine. Note was read but not responded too, 4 days later I resend it. Again it was read but not responded too, 3 days after that I reasked the question and they replied by telling me they couldn’t give me an answer. I never heard back from them that after that.

At this point, I’m really, REALLY uncomfortable so I noted some of their previous customers for credibility and feedback. They assured me that the artist would never screw over their customers but did admit that the artist is REALLY slow to complete their commissions. The only assurance I’ve gotten about this artist is from their customers.

4 ½ months later – The Present

At this point, I don’t feel my commission is going to be done any time soon and I really don’t feel comfortable being left in the dark like that. I’d like to just cancel the commission, receive my refund and quietly walk away without drama, however there’s a problem.

The artist’s commission tab on their FA page says they’re pretty adamant about not accepting payment up front. I’m concerned that if I ask for a refund the artist in question may try to say I never paid them (I paid cash at AC 07 unfortunately, I don’t have a receipt of any kind) or possibly genuinely forget (irresponsibly) and because this artist is REALLY REALLY freakin’ popular, I’m concerned they could start a shit-storm and people will blindly believe them.

So my question is, how should I go about canceling the commission? How should I ask for the refund? What do I do if they artist refuses to refund me or makes excuses?

Any and all feedback/advice is greatly appreciated and if anyone has any questions about the situation, please feel free to ask.

Thank you kindly in advance to anyone who offers any feedback or advice.
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