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People NOT to do Art Trades with.. - Orange04

With all due respects, I am a patient person. I have no problem in understanding people have problems they need to sort out and that time issues/constraints happen.

BUT when you wait for a year and a half for an art trade that's ridiculous. Everytime I talk to the person it's always "oh! I've it sketched." Telling me one time they're coloring a picture of /just/ Frisket.. or of Melsa or of Frisket and Nall... Making me believe they've not even started.

Granted I'm slow as well (but I don't bite off more than I can chew and keep in GOOD contact with people I do trades with.)

The person I'm talking about is Orange04 / Aaron Acre / gibbet

I considered this person a friend. I still would like to but I feel without this public note (as I've mentioned it many times to them in private) this is the only logical step left. I've also heard from another source Aaron was to send MLPs out to a few people and they never got sent. (I don't know if payment was involved or not.)

Like I said, I'm a patient person, but I completed my half of the trade on August 19th 2003.
The image:

Now if there is a problem this is public chance for Orange04 to give me some reasonings n' stuff. But as it stands I'm reaching the end of my patience feeling like I'm brushed off everytime I communicate with them. They have a very active art life -- as I see new uploads so I know it isn't a matter of time...
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