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In Need of Advice...

Not necessarily a Beware; I'm in need of advice.

Okay, so, I've been in contact with this someone for a few months now. Right off the bat I knew this guy was not intelligent, and I was rather suspicious. We net via Concept Art, and he decided to bug me on AIM. I talked to him, albeit begrudgingly, for a while. Then, I end up showing him my user page on Fur Affinity. He was rather stunned, and i told him I make money via online commissions.

What does he do? He ends up buying two commissions from me, throwing out 110 of his money, because he COULD NOT decide what he wanted! As in, composition wise. I tried to tell him that, no, I could not accept the money until he knew what he had in mind for the commissions, but he was rather stubborn and tossed childish logic at me. Shaking it off, and seeing as he barraged me for a couple of days, I relented, and gave him my paypal address.

He sent the 110, and I, quite literally, bugged him for WEEKS about the commissions. I felt antsy and nervous because I wanted to have the agreement set in stone, afraid he could rip me off by taking the money back and giving paypal an asinine excuse when he gave me nothing to work from in the first place.

That's not the weird part, either. The weird part is he tried to get to know me. Personally. I'm 15, this man is 24, and he told me he loved me, and that I was beautiful. I, indirectly, called him a pedophile at one point, and he took offense. Though, remembering our transaction, and not wanting it to end on a sour note, I patched it up, and again asked him about his commission.

He flipped out on me, yet again, accusing me of being distant, telling me to fuck off, and saying I only wanted to talk to him so I could get money out of him.

Note that I did not know this guy personally. I didn't even know his name by this point. We stop communication For a few weeks, and Thanksgiving rolls around. I tell him Happy Thanksgiving just because I felt mean for not talking to him.

We start up communication again by this point, and I ask him if he would like a refund of his money, as he did not tell me what he wanted, and I would've felt a whole mess better had he just taken his money back. Did he take his money back? No. He starts talking to me about getting a new motorcycle. Again. And, he tells me he wants me to do a motorcycle wrap for him. (This was a bit before Thanksgiving and our second fall out. Sorry for being out of order. : X )

I kinda scratched my head, but agreed. Like an idiot. A few months went by, and my mother fell into a deeper financial hole. I've been helping the family out by stockpiling commission money away, and making sure people get their artwork in return, and he was no different. I kept asking him for the 400 for the commission to help out my family. Did he ever listen? No.

Instead, he tried to send my family food stamps, bought me a few things for Christmas, (From my public Amazon wishlist.. It made me -very- uncomfortable; even more so after I told him I didn't want anything.) and a few times, subtly tried to get my home address. Alarm bells were going off in my head by this point, and I just avoided AIM altogether for a while.

I get back on AIM a couple of weeks later, and he tells me he needs my paypal address. I knew he wouldn't relent. So; begrudgingly, I gave him my address. This was about a week and a half ago. Have I heard from him since? Nope.

Okay, just as a recap, he's thrown around money and told me to keep it. I try to get some semblence of coherent thought and intelligence with his money on his part, but he has thusfar shown none. He tosses 110 at me with no intent of EVER trying to figure out what he wants me to draw for him, (And STILL hasn't.) and has refused a refund from me. He has been rather creepy towards my person, in a -way- too nice and friendly way, has been a total headache to work with, and has thusfar said he will pay me the 400 for his motorcycle wrap, but hasn't done so for almost two and a half months. And the last week and a half he has fallen off the face of the earth.

I honestly have no idea what to do about the situation anymore. It's troubling and niggling at the back of my head at all times, but I can't rectify the situation without his full cooperation, which he has not been giving me. Please, please, please, if you guys could toss your words of wisdom my way I'd be very happy; as I myself just can't handle the situation anymore.
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