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I hate the fact I'm so kind...

Well got conned out of a commissioned picture I did back in Oct. '08 by a furry known as Snowfox (

I had kept in contact with him since completing the picture and was told originally that they were having problems with their pay-pal account. Was a bit skeptical of this but decided that I could wait a few more weeks for their payment on the piece. During the wait was informed from a few sources that this person has been known to either skimp on payments or just not pay all together. Tried to keep my mind open and go and ask them to see if this was indeed true to get both sides of the story. He completely denied the matters claiming them as untrue. It wasn't until about the third week of December when I was told that their account was "supposedly" working properly and that I would receive my payment plus interest for all the trouble on that Friday. This never happened so I assumed that something must have came up again. By this point I was pretty much fed up with this waiting time and figuring that they weren't going to pay me.

Decided to venture around and ask some artists that had been commissioned by him at the time. Found one who got the pay-pal excuse as well and was supposed to be payed via money order.

Just decided to chalk this up as a loss after no further progress with this commission matter.

I just want folks to be on the lookout if they are commissioned by this person and not get scammed out of their hard work.
Tags: beware, comm-snowfox

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