Thrashbear (thrashbear) wrote in artists_beware,

About two years ago, I recall a rant in this here community from a commissioner regarding a fursuit maker.  Said fursuit maker had a negative reputation within the fandom as a whole, but this project had taken two years to complete it.

One of the excuses offered was that the artist had a basement flood, destroying the project, and they had to start over.  The commissioner seemed doubtful of this assertion, considering all of the other excuses they've offered over time.

Well, just a couple of hours ago, a pipe burst in my home, sending water along my workspace and mere inches from the pieces I was working on.  Had fate not dictated that I be right there when it actually happened, this story could have been a whole lot sadder.  Thankfully, I was able to shut off the water to the house before any damage was done. 

With the homeowners out of town, and me being the resident handyman, I cannot leave until this problem is fixed.  I was due to deliver these projects this weekend.  I am willing to take the hit to my credibility (meager as it might be) considering the scope of the problem at hand. 

This relatively minor incident reminded me of that situation, and I thought it worthy of sharing. 

Tags: advice for artists, advice for commissioners, discussion

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