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Inquiry: Pawstar?

I'm not trying to slander or anything, I honestly want to see if this is just from the aftermath of the holidays or normal.

I ordered a hat from them at the very beginning of December, before their order date that was suggested for completion by christmas. On the 18th I got the notice through paypal that the tracking number was assigned. It hasn't changed since. According to their website the current time for my order should have been 2-3 weeks. I sent an email at the beginning of January with my order number etc. to their support line to see if it was sent and possibly lost in the mail. No response. I also gave an email through the form on their website, again no response.

They recently changed their page to explain they don't have time to read the emails but they will get to it.

I have no problem whatsoever waiting and I honestly don't think I've been screwed but is it normal for them to not contact about their order? It's been a long time since the first email I put out and while I totally understand being busy it's now twice the maximum wait time that they had said was likely and the package still hasn't been sent according to the tracking number. I know USPS doesn't always scan the package so I was concerned that maybe that happened here and the package got lost.

The quality looks lovely and I'm quite sure it will be more than worth the wait but I don't like it being quite this late with absolutely no contact. Is this normal for them?
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