keekswaffle (keekswaffle) wrote in artists_beware,

Aurasoul the plushmaker

I just wanted warn you guys about her.  Back in March I had commissioned 2 custom plushies from her to be completed (and mailed) by the end of October.  I still have not received them nor any pictures to indicate they are done.  I made 2 payments, one in March and the other in June.  So they're both paid off, but as soon as she got my money she stopped responding to me.  I had been noting her over DA and she would simply ignore them.  Since then she got herself suspended on one account and banned from another.  So I started emailing her and I got one reply saying she would send pictures the next day, that was a week ago.

I just tried to open a dispute with PayPal but they immediately closed the ticket since it was opened more than 45 days after the transaction took place.  I've tried asking her for a refund but I don't think it'll happen, for lack of reponse more than anything else.

Does anyone know if there's any other way of getting a refund?  Or if anyone knows her they should tell her to stop hiding from her commissioners.
Tags: artist-aurasoul/ravesoul, beware

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