Melleh (mellehz) wrote in artists_beware,


Not a warning, just need advice.

Got a note on DA about a commission. This person's DA page is bare; no art, no faves, one watcher, and three journals. Her request was for me to draw her character as a wolf or a lion, and then she gave me a description, so I'm thinking there's no actual ref sheet.

I'm very dubious about taking this on, and thought I'd ask here if people have been in a similar situation with an empty account, how they handled it, etc. I just don't want to get ripped off or anything. Thanks!

[Update] Despite titling the note 'commission', the user got confused between a request and commission after I pointed her in the direction of my prices. She's since canceled her request after learning she'd need to pay for it. So yeah, just a little misunderstanding there, heh.
Tags: advice for artists
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