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Probably a premature warning


Well it seems it WAS premature, as I JUST recieved conformation that she has in fact sketched my commission. I even have a copy of the sketch, and she has said that I may have my lines as soon as tomorrow. Sorry for having posted this entry. Maybe it was posting the entry that prompted her to work on my sketch, but either way, it stands that a year is a little long to wait for lineart.


I year or so ago, I was introduced to a sparkle dog artist on DeviantART by the name of Isyss through a mutual online friend. I soon came to commission her for a $10 lineart of one of my dog characters. I was asked to pay in advance. I believed it'd be a simple commission, so I agreed. Several months past, and she seemed to dissapear from the community, not posting anything at all. So I noted her, asking about the progress of my commission. She replied to me that her life was hectic, and that no art could therefore be done, which I believed, because that has happened on numerou occasions to me as well. So I let it slide. Many more months past, and I noted her again, this time after viewing that she was taking aditional commissions, and that her list of clients didn't include me [katze-cat-kuroneko on deviantART]. She appologized, and said that yes, she'd add me as she had not forgotten about me. I also asked about the progress of my piece, and once again, she said she had not yet started it.

Last week, I remembered about her because I wanted to order a new commission from a DeviantART artist [this one highly more likely to deliver in a timely manner] and I was wondering if it would benifit me to have my extra $10 back from Isyss. I went on her page and noticed that the list of clients was indeed updated, and I was on the bottom, *paid* but not started. I looked upward, and it seems she has only delivered to two of what seemed to me 13 clients [numbers may be exagerated, but not far off] so I took it upon myself to ask one of the earlier clients how long they have been waiting for their paid commission, but they have yet to read it.

I want to flag Isyss as warning to potential commissioners, and even to her current ones that while she may answer your notes/emails, she may not have your commission done for you in a timely manner, or potentially at all.


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