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Beware: GHDA

Well... I hate to do this, but it now all comes down to this.

This is the artist in question. Well, before he decided to abandon art and dive strictly into composing rave music. In my case, he's guilty of holding onto $40 worth of commission money, AND the sketchbook I loaned him to do it in - a transaction that took place at the Anthrocon 2007 artist alley, that has yet to be concluded.


A link to a complete PM log is attached to this entry at the bottom for evidence.

It was simple enough. I commissioned him at AC'07 around early Sunday, and said I would come around to pick it up before the alley closed. Unfortunately, I somehow was too caught up in finding people that, by the time I reached GHDA's table spot, he had disappeared with my sketchbook. After the con, I contacted him via FA PM, and he said he had it and would send it over to me. Pretty simple, right? (See Exhibit A.)

Fast foward to the closing months up to Anthrocon 2008. I noted him earlier in February, but I got no response. (Exhibit B.) No biggie. With Anthrocon coming up, I figured he'd be there and I could bug him about it. So, come June, I poke him again about the sketchbook. He responds by saying he won't be showing up at AC... and the sketchbook?

"as soon as i stop wanting to kill myself i'll mail it out pronto <3"
(Exhibit C.)

At this point, I really began to lose patience with him, as I'm always the one contacting him and reminding him he owns a piece of my property, and he still has a service to do from one year ago. At this point, I issue a warning to him that I'm taking the sketchbook issue seriously, now, and say that at this point, I only want the bloody sketchbook back, commission-less if need be. It's August; I give him two months to do so before I take a bit of action against him. He responds with guilt, how he owes others commissions from then, too, and yet more assurance that he'll send me the sketchbook within the time I asked him to. At this point, I really, REALLY do not think highly of his word. (Exhibit D.)

Come September, one month before the deadline, and still no word from him. So I poke him again, clearly fed up with the wait. And this time, he snaps at me, saying "responsibility" isn't an issue, and I'll have my sketchbook by the deadline I asked. (Exhibit E.)

Deadline date. I PM him, saying I received no indication that my sketchbook has been returned. (Exhibit F.) He says he's having trouble sending it back, because he left his entire commission load at a friend's house, potentially damaged due to the nature of the living conditions there. Even if I threaten him by making this exchange public, and pleading with him to just get it over with, he doesn't care anymore, but still says he'll get my book back... again.

And up until now, I still don't have my sketchbook back, or any manner of compensation. And I get the feeling I'll never see it again, unless I physically raid his entire address book with a fire axe.

The PM log, in plain TXT format. You can read the logs that coincide with my sad little sob story here, separated by Exhibit.

Since apparently three other people are still waiting on their commission status with this guy, I think I'm justified in advising caution when he's offering any sort of service-for-pay, online or in person. GHDA's been incredibly irresponsible with the handling of others' property, and is passing it off on either his current life situation, his naivete, or something else.
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