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EDIT, Again: He seems to check out legit. I could be wrong, but after much communication and doublechecking, stuff seems to work out. So, no worries here.

EDIT: I emailed Bruce asking what was up. He claimed to be Rommels agent at one point and that due to Rommels needing money for a wedding, he sold the character and the rights to her. Even gave me Max Blackrabbit's and Rommels supposed current email addresses, and forwarded this claim to them both. I have emailed both Max and the email he said was Rommels, and have so far not recieved a reply.
My only response to bruse was, why does the copyright name on the reference .pdf differ from the name he's used in his other transactions with me? So far I have no answer to that, either.

I think I have a problem.

Recently I was commissioned to do a full-color picture of Tamara Christiana Fox.

The name on the email of the commissioner is "Bruce Whilite"...
The name on the copyright in the .pdf he sent me is "Cody White"... AND I just now got an IM from someone who tells me that the real owner of the character is "Rommel Ignacio"...

So... what on earth is going on?

I never thought to doublecheck on the character's ownership because for one, I'd never even heard of Tamara Christiana Fox until I was presented with the commission, and the guy seemed honest enough...

Problem is that the commissioner, Bruce, has already paid me for this commission, and It's nearly done, and I'm *just now* finding this out.

Can someone shed some light on this for me?
And what about payment? Do I owe the guy a refund even though the work is almost done, or do I keep the money because I already did the work?

I'm so confused >_

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