stormslegacy (stormslegacy) wrote in artists_beware,

Searching for a commissioner, do you know this koala?

At Furfright I had a very sweet fur commission a small sculpture from me. He paid upfront at the con, all was good. It was of his fursona, a koala with bright neon pink ears. Unfortunately the refs and his info are on a sheet that was in my sketchbook that I was drawing in at the time which disappeared. I fully intend on finishing the commission but need his info to do so! I don't even have his name and apparently searching "pink koala" doesn't seem to net good results!

I'd been working on a different commish so I had put this one on the backburner, totally forgetting the info had been in the lost sketchbook (I lost it on the way home from the con). I go to work on it and find I don't even have a name! Thankfully, he and another fur were the only two whose info was in that book, and the other was on my watch-list.

Any help to put me in touch with him is appreciated.

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