Garr (garrwolfdog) wrote in artists_beware,

Anyone know how to contact Gideon or Bluey?

There are a couple of commissions i've been waiting for for quite a while; one from Gideon I've been waiting for for a little over a year for and one from Bluey that i've been waiting for for about 3.5years.
Even more frustratingly I can't seem to get in touch with either of them! I've tried sending them both messages in almost every way I can think of but i've heard nothing back from either of them for ages!
Anyone know of a way to get in touch with either of them? At this point i'd be happy if they just gave my money back if they don't intend to do the artwork. :-/

I posted something about the troubles with Bluey, some months back, and she got in touch to say she would send the money back to me but that was ab out 3 months ago and since then no emails I have sent to her have been responded to.
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