- (calorath) wrote in artists_beware,

I'll keep this short and simple.

I don't like to complain, but when it comes to my money, I hold certain expectations.

About a year ago I pre-paid JaxxBlackFox $150 for a commission. Being that I was on friendly terms with her sibling and they were living together I figured I'd break my No-Prepay rule and toss them the money upfront considering their complaint of poor living conditions and the desire to get out of that situation. (I know... no good deed goes unpunished.)

Anywho, I attempted to make contact via FA, DA, and Gmail with zero reply. I know of no other method to attempt to make contact than through her brother and that just seems inappropriate. I wasn't even sure if she was active online, until I noticed her making recent favorites on her DA account after my messages were sent. At that point, I can only conclude that I am being ignored.

I am no longer interested in receiving the commission, ideally I'd prefer (and feel that I am entitled to) a full refund, as I've not received any sign of progress or intent to complete the commission. I understand that she might have had setbacks, but I am not interested in excuses. My position is that she was hired to perform a task, and has not done such.

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