cuprohastes (cuprohastes) wrote in artists_beware,

Beware Wereandrewtiger

Or, “How not to get a commission ”:

This guy's a pest. He's already hit up [info]wolvar   [link] and[info]phantom_inker [Link ] and Others

Seems this character likes to hit up artists via IM and demand free art in broken english.

wereandrewtiger:    hi
cuprohastes:    Hi.
wereandrewtiger:    my name is andrew you cancall me wolfy
wereandrewtiger:    i like your drawing
cuprohastes:    Thanks!
wereandrewtiger:    what animal can you draw ?
cuprohastes:    All of them
cuprohastes:    I jsut need a reference if it's not something I'm familiar with
wereandrewtiger:    what is your fa name
wereandrewtiger:    i find it
cuprohastes:    cuprohastes

[Wereandrewtiger sends a picture of himself on all fours without warning]

wereandrewtiger:    can you Transformation me into a Beagle
wereandrewtiger:    do not put on your fa send by e-mail or on aim
cuprohastes:    At the moment I'm not accempting any commissions due to having a full set of pics to finish off
cuprohastes:    It will be february before I start taking more
wereandrewtiger:    ok
wereandrewtiger:    let know do on february
wereandrewtiger:    i have to go now bye
cuprohastes:    OK

OK, a bit creepy but hey, probably not an English speaker by default.

(15:49:19) wereandrewtiger hey what up
(15:49:41) cuprohastes Hi. Not a lot
(15:50:10) wereandrewtiger sorry i have to go now
(15:51:49) cuprohastes Toodles!

Um. OK?

(17:53:38) wereandrewtiger do have pic pic i send you
(17:54:47) cuprohastes The one you sent by IM yesterday?
(17:54:57) wereandrewtiger yes
(17:55:07) cuprohastes Well I don't think I deleted it
(17:59:27) wereandrewtiger did you deleted
(18:06:00) cuprohastes No
(18:06:18) wereandrewtiger when have time do my pic
(18:06:29) cuprohastes February
(18:06:29) wereandrewtiger into that animal
(18:06:48) cuprohastes Hang on though. You know I don't do these pictures for free?
(18:07:04) wereandrewtiger i have to go now bye

It occurs to me this guy just thought he’d IM me, spam me a pic and I’d do him some art (for free) and he’s considerably irked that I didn’t do it there and then. As soon as I can get it sorted, this guy’s being blocked…

Tags: beware, comm-bigdog2010/wereandrewtiger
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