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VeniceFox is a commissioner from FurBid (http://www.furbid.ws/cgi-bin/auction/feedback.pl?usernum=15490&username=VeniceFox), but you also can find her on deviantART (http://venicefox.deviantart.com/)

What exactly happened? She won one of my auctions (sketch commission) on FurBid and didn't replied for about a week. That's why i've took care of evertyhing and sent her an e-mail informing that she had won my auction and asked for details. Again. No answer for about a week. Another e-mail sent (from me) This time she replied asking for a bust instead of a sketch. Okay, i don't mind if she changed her mind. I replied to her asking if she was still interested in commissioning me. No e-mails anymore (from her). After all these troubles i went through i gave up on her and left her negative feedback on Furbid. And what did i get? Yes, also negative feedback, where she was stating that she had sent me the money and i never replied to her emails.

Now i want to clear some questionable things:

1) I never gave her my PayPal address nor calculated the total price
2) I've sent her countless e-mails but barely got any answers (she could always use my gmail address to send letters to if the default email provider was blocked due to spam)
3) She refused to tell me where she had sent the money. I did squeeze the answer out of her though. She said she used my normal email address to send the money to. Okay, i admit, that it's also my PayPal address, but i could have easily used another one (like my friend does)
4) I've checked my postbox 2 times alone and 1 time together with my friend and we couldn't find the PayPal message stating that she (VeniceFox) has sent me the money. Yet, she's keep telling me that her money has been sent.
5) I've tried to clear the situation (through my friend whom she has also commissioned and on her deviantart page) but she just hid my comments and kept giving unclear answers with no evidence.

So why i'm posting all this? Before accepting her commissions ask for money only in advance and don't ever leave her negative feedback, as she will return it to you.

Thank you for your attention.

//I apologize for possible grammar mistakes


Did i also forget to mention that the commissioner threatens me by saying that she will report that i've took her money without drawing her any picture in return? Well that sounds just plain stupid now. I wish i've never accepted her commission from the very beginning. Less problems.


I wrote:

"Quote from PayPal:

"Dear Galina Zaitseva ,

Thank you for taking the time to write to us with your concerns. I am happy
to assist you further.

We recommend you to ask the buyer to contact us so we can review their
account and confirm them that the payment was not received by you.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.


PayPal European Services
PayPal, an eBay Company"

Contact PayPal and receive your answer"

She answered:

"If you don't want to work together, I understand. But your little copied notes don't really prove anything to me, sorry. I'm working with American paypal to track my money down. I'm sorry this thing is so messed up. This is really frustrating. Anyways, we are finished, I think I will get my money back."

Is it really normal?

And now her latest reply:

"Are you brain damaged? I said I was dealing with Paypal over here! when did I say I wasn't going to talk to paypal? Your feedback will remain the same. I sent money, and NEVER got art, even when I said I would said money again you acted like a bitch. It's obvious you never wanted to fix the problem, you were just worried about YOURSELF. So fuck off then! We are finished, take your bad grammar and your ridiculous arguments to someone who gives a shit. I am completely done trying to reason with a 5 year old. I will not be opening anymore mail from you, you have been the most horrid person I have ever dealt with, and I will make sure all my friends know it. Get off your high horse, it isn't do you any favors believe me. Grow up, theif."

And where's the evidence, may i ask?


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