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Uhh help...

Hi, sorry I know this probably isnt even going to make sense

maybe it's because this piece is so precious to me.

...its here:

the guy who won is is from http://www.galleryculture.com .

(he does approval of submissions i think~)

he was interest in a few other of my arts, and I end up selling to him one other one as well...

i became a bit timid during the whole emailing process because.. well...
little things... i'm really protective of this art , and my story.

i don't want to be took advantage of... i dont know how i'm describing this situation...
he ask me how much the non-auction piece will be without the frame... but i always like to included a frame with my art, because that's just how i'm secure about it...
i gave in and told him, since i usually dont charge an extra for frames, that i will just ship that art for free.


anyway, i send him my invoice through ebay once the Prince auction end,
but then he email me and asks me, to resend an invoice including the cost of the other art he bought from me.

okay.. no problem... but

he also want that one unframed.
i almost started to cry. i feel so insecure, even if i do send it with the frame now,
i am still so scared.
i don't know what intention he has with my art, not wanting the frames.
my only intention of giving this art out is to be able to share it with someone else, to enjoy it, hence why i always include frames...

the time i spent on the ebay art... it is soo soo close to my heart! and to think i'd be sending it to a place where its open and unprotected, vulnerable, it makes me so sad all the things going through my head...

and besides that, again, i don't know what his intentions are.

during our emails before, he asked me if i ever heard of printmaking, and was suggesting different kinds of printing my art would look nice in.... i replied to him, no, but i should research it...

he never mentioned that again. but he seem really after my art.

well... some would say, if i'm so insecure, to just not take his money.

it was an ebay auction, and it would be very difficult to change my mind after its end... and again, i could just be freaking out over nothing... but..

deep inside i feel really insecure about it.

Also, he asked me if i would have interest in illustrating a book for him... I said yea, asked more info..
but then he said he want to see my art in person first before he's positive.

...anyway, name is Leo Madrid, if anyone has heard anyof him, or galleryculture.com,

please please please let me know...

also, any word of comfort, i would appreciate so much :.(

thanks so much...

Love Always,

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